About Us

The Botts represent 5 generations in the Stone Cutting and Memorial Business.


Decades of experience in the stone carving industry gives us a unique perspective as we work with you to design a custom memorial. From learning to do custom artwork by hand with a straight-edge, pencil and exacto knife, to modern day methods using computers, we have the experience and knowledge to combine the old and the new methods to meet your needs.


Our Story

7We have been crafting exquisite granite memorials for the loves ones of Davis County for more than 60 years.  But our involvement with stone goes much deeper-it’s almost genetic!  It all started with great-grandfather John, who helped carve the granite stones for the LDS Salt Lake Temple.  He passed his expertise to his son Joseph, who opened Bountiful Memorial Art Co. in 1952 with his son Ralph.  Together , Joseph and Ralph began carving a reputation for quality and beauty that few other craftsmen could match.

That is why we were selected to carve the massive, 5,000 pound Wilburg Mine Memorial and Cache Valley and Bountiful War Memorials, along with memorials in Tooele County; Star Valley, Wyoming; and the Bountiful Post Office, to name a few.So it seems only natural that Ralph’s sons carry on that tradition today-both of excellence and craftsmanship.  And together Ralph’s sons and grandsons have succeeded in mastering that and much more.  To begin with, we take old-fashioned pride in our work, from the smallest sand blasted letter to the most intricately detailed rose.  We recognize that perfection cannot be rushed, but it can be created in a methodical and efficient manner.  So, each of our memorials-and over the years we’ve crafted thousands-reflects a quality and timelessness that cannot be duplicated. 

Our technique for perfection is a demanding one.  Rubber stencils, carefully etched lettering, pencil thin sand blasters, sharpened steel chisels-a half dozen steps or more go into each design.  And we are never satisfied with mediocre.  Deeply carved roses blossom in stone and miniaturized temples display incredible detail that’s hard to find these days.  Sand blasting alone could never create such breath-taking beauty.  Our artistry extends to personalized wishes on memorial stones with equally stunning results.  We have carved rainbow trout, favorite horses, bulls, saddles, sports symbols, and much more.  Each piece of art reflects our craftsmanship.  But creating the memorial is only part of the process-when the stone is delivered to the cemetery we make sure it is positioned correctly and laid straight.  We will even go so far as to haul in a little extra dirt to make sure the memorial is placed just right and we will level the stone if it settles within the first year.

We realize that many people are faced with choosing a memorial during one of the most challenging and stressful periods of their lives.  That’s why we go out our way to make the experience as easy and personable as possible.  We have a policy that encourages making a friend rather than making a sale.  We would rather have the friends; then the sales will follow.  Combine that low pressure salesmanship with the high quality of our craftsmanship, and we have a truly winning combination.

In many ways, it is a combination that started five generations ago and continues today.  Like our father, grandfather and great-grandfather before us, the new generation of Botts recognize that real quality happens one stone at a time.  It’s not easy to carve a sterling reputation  in stone.