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Cleaning of monuments

Items needed to clean your monument:

Muriatic Acid, Rubber gloves, A good stiff nylon brush, A painters mask, 2-5 gallon buckets for water and a towel.

Instructions on cleaning your monument:

1-Pour some water on the concrete foundation. If you have a granite foundation you can skip this step. The acid will eat the concrete if left on there too long. Be very cautious of this. 2- Dilute the acid in a bucket with water. 2.5 gallons of water and .5 gallon of acid. 3- Pour the acid and water mix slowly over the entire monument. It will start to eat the hard water build up off of the stone. It might even smoke a little bit. Try to stay out of the fumes. They can be very strong. Let the acid sit on the stone for 30 seconds. 4- Using your nylon brush begin to scrub the monument. Be sure to scrub it all over and very well. 5- Now using your buckets rinse the monument thoroughly. At least 10 gallons of water, maybe more will be needed. Be sure to rinse the concrete off very well. 6- Finally use a clean towel and wipe it off good. *If your monument is not as clean as you would like it you may want to try and use full strength acid. Please be very cautious when doing this. Or contact us and we can clean it for you. There are other cleaning product out there that will work, and some that do not. Some can ruin your monument.

Please call with questions about these cleaners.